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According to the provisions of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act, when properly drafted and executed, a Will is an important document that will provide instructions to be followed upon a person’s death regarding how they would like their estate to be handled, by appointing an Executor, as well as appointing guardians of any minor children.

You may feel overwhelmed when thinking about creating a Last Will and Testament. Let us help you ease this burden and ensure your Will is properly documented, communicates your wishes and has been witnessed. We will prepare a Will that fits your needs at a reasonable cost.

When creating your Will, you will need to appoint an Executor. This person will oversee that the wishes outlined within the Will are carried out and administered. It is recommended that the Executor chosen is well organized as they will be responsible for planning your funeral and working with collecting and dividing your assets based on the instructions outlined within your Will. 

Determining a Power of Attorney to represent you is another important decision to outline within your Will. A Power of Attorney can be appointed by you to make financial and health care decisions, as well as sign on your behalf, should you become unable to do so, mentally, or physically. 

You will also be charged with deciding who you will appoint as a guardian for any minor children as well as a trustee for your estate. These decisions are important to be made when you are alive, as your Last Will and Testament will communicate these wishes upon your death. 

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  • Mirror Wills
  • Primary and Secondary Wills
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Non-continuing power of attorneys/ Revocation of power of attorneys